Thursday, June 16, 2011

American Wheat Honey Ale

Our first small brew will be a two gallon batch of American Wheat Honey Ale.  This will make enough beer to fill approximately 20 12 oz bottles.  If you just finished off your bottle, let us know how it was and how we can improve it in the comment section of this post.  If you would rather email us, you can at teaguehollow at gmail dot com.

The Beginning

If you happen to stumble upon this site, we are Teague Hollow Brewing Co. located in the heart of dixie in Montgomery, Alabama.  This website's purpose is for all the lucky friends of Teague Hollow Brewing Co. to come leave their feedback about our beer.  We are currently in research and development brewing small batches of beer we think we want to eventually produce at a larger scale and sell in the Southeast.   If you drink one of our beers, you will see this website's address and we want you to rate our beer and let us know how we did and where we need to improve.  

Thanks and be on the lookout for Teague Hollow Brew!